Why Parents Like Wood Puzzles with Knobs

Why Parents Like Wood Puzzles with Knobs

When it comes to choosing puzzles for your kid, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. First, we say safety comes first, and thus the safety of the kid is paramount when it comes to picking the right puzzle. That is why most parents highly prefer wood puzzles with knobs for their small kids.  These types of puzzles come with numerous benefits compared to most of the alternatives available in the marker. Here are some of the reasons why most parents prefers these boards for their kids:


We know that whatever kids touch is likely to affect them in different ways. First, kids like to have everything they touch directed to their mouth.  If the touch a piece of the puzzle, they are like direct it to their mouth. That will cause them several health hazards if the material used is dangerous to human health. For instance, some of the plastic materials are known for causing cancer and other complications. If you buy such boards for the kids, then you may be exposing them to health risk. That is why wood puzzles with knobs are highly recommended by most parents due to their health safety.


If you are investing in something, one thing that should come to your mind is the longevity of the product. For parents who have small kids, they want something that can last for long. Something that the kid can use until they are ready to be promoted to the next level. The board should also be used by other smaller kids in the family. That is what longevity is all about.  All these features can be found in wood puzzles with knobs. Wood does not ear out that easily and that what gives the board high longevity features. That is what gives value to the money.

Wood is Cheap

How much you invest in the puzzles is also a factor to consider considering how much you get out of it. In most cases, you will find that some of the materials that wear so fast and appears to be a fancy highly price. But for the wood, due to its typical nature, it sells at a cheaper price. That is not mention that would is likely to last for long compared to most of the materials in the market. Therefore, you will spend less on wood puzzles with knobs, and the result will not be any different from available alternatives.

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