Tips on How to Take Care of Wooden Peg Puzzles

Tips on How to Take Care of Wooden Peg Puzzles

Most of the wooden peg puzzles available are for use by kids. This presents a high possibility that the puzzle pieces may get displaced or damaged. Parents, therefore, have the responsibility of taking good care of the puzzles to ensure an extended lifespan. Careful handling and great precaution become a requirement during and after use. Some of the ways to ensure proper care of these puzzles include:

Keeping watch while kids play

Toddlers, especially those below 2 years may not know the essence of taking care of the wooden peg puzzle. It is, therefore, the duty of the parent to ensure that the kid interacts with the puzzle when they are around. Furthermore, they should start training the children to handle the puzzle pieces carefully. This will ensure that the puzzle lasts longer while in good form. Moreover, closer watch allows the parent to monitor kids’ movement so that they don’t move around with the pieces. One of the things that kids do is hitting the pieces on the table which could break them.

Limiting the playing space

Another way to ensure that the wooden peg puzzle parts remain in good form is restricting the area of play. Doing this limit the movements of the kids while holding the parts which can result in misplacement. Furthermore, you should remove objects near the playing space which the kids can knock the puzzle against. Some pieces may also enter in spaces between objects hence difficult to find. That is the reason why a simple plastic table is recommended.

Locking away while not in use

A big chance of wooden peg puzzle misplacement or damage comes when not in use. People can step over them if laying on the floor or swept off during cleaning. Additionally, they may fell in dark spaces when pushed over during movements. The solution to this is to close the puzzle away in lockers when not in use. Locking them away also helps in maintaining them in the best condition and that will definitely extend their useful life.

Storage pockets

Since the wooden peg puzzles come in numerous pieces, it is easier to misplace some of them. They can drop off while being carried or in the lockers. After use, you should ensure their safety by putting them in a special fitting bag or envelop. This guarantees the pieces remain together until their next use.

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