Four Reasons why Wooden Knob Puzzles are Preferred for Kids

Four Reasons why Wooden Knob Puzzles are Preferred for Kids

Every parent has to prioritize the growth of their child above everything else. Helping them grow sharp upstairs and healthy should be key. Using puzzles is among the available and most reliable ways to ensure proper development. These include the acquiring of cognitive skills, problem-solving and boosting self-esteem. However, there are various types of puzzles in the market but wooden knob puzzles are a favorite to many. Here are four key reasons why one should purchase the wooden knob puzzle for your toddler.They include:

Effective brain trainer

Research reveals that engagement in puzzle solving at a tender age improves coordination and brain growth.  This helps the child to develop skills if reasoning, deducing, analyzing and critical thinking. Holding the knobs and fitting in respective position build working sense in the child. Moving the knobs also boost the hand-brain coordination. Additionally, the relationship between right and the left brain becomes tested occasionally. The functions of these parts such as problem-solving and reasoning improve.

Strengthen muscles

When a child gets exposed to holding the wooden knob muscles at a tender age, their hand muscles become strong. Large knobs in particular force the kid to stretch their finger wide hence increase their grasping power. The act also helps in improving blood flow in their hands, allowing healthy development. In general, the child acquires physical skills easily through holding and fitting knob pieces. These can later help them with good handwriting and proper typing skills.

Easy to assemble

All wooden knob puzzles intended for toddlers comes in simple designs for kids to play with. Although they do not have an obvious solution, the challenge is based in a way that toddlers can manage on their own. Common makes often involves objects and things the kids see in their surroundings. They may include animals, house items and vehicles.  These are things that they can associate with hence making it easy for the kid.

Easy identification

The knob in wooden puzzles comes in different colors for ease of identification. The fitting slot will have the same color as the knob hence easier to match for the kids. The matching of the colors plays a significant role in improving kid’s coordination skills. The desire to correctly assemble the parts builds motivation. They also learn to focus on a particular challenge and finding a way to solve it with a lot of ease.

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